Monday, February 18, 2013

Family: Always there for you...

Shadow Box

     For the past year, we at the Clark household have been preparing for the wedding of my sister.  It was a very busy time, with many joys along the way.  Now that the wedding is over (that went by fast), I have a seemingly endless pile of pictures in various stages of development.  There are the ones I took and printed, the ones I downloaded and haven't printed yet, and the ones that I have to order from the photographer- who, let's be honest, takes much better pictures than I do.  While I was sifting through the pile, I found this shot of my children and their cousins.  I was struck by how fast time has gone by:  weren't they babies only yesterday?  This little black shadow box has been sitting in my scrapbook space for almost a year-I never quite figured out what to do with it.  It was a quick project once I decided what paper to use-that's the part that always takes me the most time.  I really like the way it turned out, or, should I say, "not bad for my first try?"  Anyway, I hope to have many more wedding-related scrapbook projects in the next week-have to do something with all those pictures! 

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