Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Shhh.....I've got a secret!

Promise not to tell?
The two pictures in this layout have to be my absolute favorite candid shots from my sister's wedding last month.  My cousin snapped the larger one while the grownups were having their pictures taken and the children were waiting for their turn.  The other is from the reception when my youngest daughter refused to dance with anyone but her big brother! I had purchased a bunch of 12 x 12 inch artist's canvasses a while ago that are perfect for this.  I made the page and then simply mounted it on the canvass.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Family: Always there for you...

Shadow Box

     For the past year, we at the Clark household have been preparing for the wedding of my sister.  It was a very busy time, with many joys along the way.  Now that the wedding is over (that went by fast), I have a seemingly endless pile of pictures in various stages of development.  There are the ones I took and printed, the ones I downloaded and haven't printed yet, and the ones that I have to order from the photographer- who, let's be honest, takes much better pictures than I do.  While I was sifting through the pile, I found this shot of my children and their cousins.  I was struck by how fast time has gone by:  weren't they babies only yesterday?  This little black shadow box has been sitting in my scrapbook space for almost a year-I never quite figured out what to do with it.  It was a quick project once I decided what paper to use-that's the part that always takes me the most time.  I really like the way it turned out, or, should I say, "not bad for my first try?"  Anyway, I hope to have many more wedding-related scrapbook projects in the next week-have to do something with all those pictures!